Auditoriums and meeting rooms

Integration of digital solutions for auditoriums and meeting rooms

Audiovisuel - Auditoriums
  • HD video conferencing
  • Content sharing
  • Interactive whiteboard
  • Workspace management

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Unleash the power of digitization

Elit-Technologies offers simple and intuitive audiovisual technologies to meet the needs of these different applications. We design, implement, operate and maintain your solutions. No matter how big or small your business is, we’ll develop the right systems for you.

Our solutions

Meeting rooms

Integrating your collaborative workspaces down to the tiniest detail. We implement real or virtual meeting rooms as appropriate for your needs.


We integrate solutions for collaborative amphitheaters that can even intercommunicate with other collaborative spaces.

Training rooms

Integrating “smart” and interactive training spaces.

Benefits for your business

Your employees work in an increasingly connected environment in which collaboration is taking on an ever more important role. Elit-Technologies works closely with major industry actors to provide you with professional, innovative and long-lasting solutions for your auditoriums and meeting rooms.

  • Increase productivity and improve response times
  • Reap the benefits of proven long-term solutions
  • Communicate and collaborate easily in all your workspaces
  • Enjoy simple, centralized management of all your solutions

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Why choose Elit-Technologies ?

An attentive partner

Elit-Technologies listens carefully to the issues our customers are facing. We draw on over a decade of experience to develop solutions that make sense for your collaborative spaces and your way of working. We help you to make simple, straightforward changes to improve your work environment.

Personalized collaboration

Our teams help you to define your audiovisual strategy, then deliver tailored solutions that bring it to life. Our engineers take ownership of your projects and make sure they’re delivered on time. We facilitate adoption by training users to work with our solutions.

Protecting your investments

We offer solutions that integrate perfectly with your existing collaborative environment. All of these solutions are available with our partners: Cisco, Polycom, Smart, Ricoh, Sharp, Samsung, Crestron, NEC, and more.


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