Networks and security in the cloud

Network and security - Deployment in cloud
Enjoy centralized, cloud-based management of WLANs, network switches, security appliances and mobile devices. Say goodbye to traditional complex network architectures and reduce your costs drastically.

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Give your teams the tools they need

Help them work anywhere, any time, on any device

Give your employees a consistent experience, no matter where they are.

A complete solution

Network and application control, content filtering, web search filtering, VPNs and intrusion prevention. We help you to adapt to your employees’ new ways of working :

  • IoT
  • Mobility
  • Group collaboration

Manage your network entirely in the cloud

Give your IT department visibility and control without the cost or complexity of traditional architectures. Support WiFi networks and switches.

Protect your data, users and devices with cloud-based security

Easily protect your data

Our systems provide effective protection to secure your terminals and ensure the confidentiality and integrity of your data.

Ensure strict compliance

Protect users, data and applications in the cloud from malware, ransomware, and attacks on their accounts, and ensure compliance with applicable regulations.

Use the cloud with peace of mind

Improve security without compromising your employees’ productivity or efficiency.

Our solutions protect your users against all types of threats, no matter where they’re working.

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Why choose Elit-Technologies ?


Highly secure architecture

As an Elit-Technologies customer, you’ll benefit from a data center and network architecture designed to meet the security needs of even the most demanding organizations.

Constant innovation

Take your network and security status to the next level and innovate easily. Our solutions adapt to your needs.

Personalized support

Elit-Technologies works with you on all of your network and security issues. Opt for a single partner for all your IT needs.


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