Access control and identity verification

Protect your identities, offer scalable access, and secure your data.

Make sure that people are who they claim to be

Users expect easy access to the data and applications they need, from any device and any location — whether those resources are in a data center, the cloud, SaaS-based or in a hybrid environment. One thing is for certain: Access is non-negotiable.

Keep your data and applications secure, wherever your employees are

Fragmented identities and decentralized applications are a significant source of risk. Cybercriminals can take advantage of your employees’ multiple identities, making them a prime target for attack.

Control access without adding complexity

We make it easy to integrate identity tools through the use of industry standards like SAML (Security Assertion Markup Language), providing you with a chain of trust for each user’s identity.

Contrôle des accès et de l’identité

Turn single sign-on to your advantage


Security based on authentication tokens

With SSO, a user’s different IDs are all kept in one place. The user sends a trust token to applications for each connection they make. At Elit-Technologies, we make sure that your teams can access their data securely from wherever they are.

Make sure your users never compromise your data

Today’s businesses are using applications to share increasingly sensitive data. Users connect from all over, often from outside your business network — and it’s up to you to make sure that they do so without exposing your organization to malicious code.

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Why choose Elit-Technologies ?

The best partners in the industry

Elit-Technologies works with the best builders in the industry, including Cisco, Palo Alto and Check Point. We offer proven, innovative solutions at the cutting edge of technology.

We understand cyberattacks and the people behind them

Elit-Technologies knows that technology alone is not enough. That’s why we’ve chosen to combine innovative technologies, technical skill and cybersurveillance capabilities.

We understand our customers

We’re aware of the many difficulties and constraints faced by companies like yours in a world of constantly evolving threats. That’s why we take a holistic approach to resolving security problems.


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