Protection from the next generation of threats

Solutions for an effective defense against today’s most advanced threats.

Take threat protection to the next level

Traditional protection is no longer enough

These days, no one is safe from the cyberattacks that hit businesses every single day. The question is no longer whether a business will be attacked, but when. The most determined hackers can easily break in and disguise their presence on your network as they hunt for valuable information, working unnoticed for weeks, months, or sometimes even years. Our advanced security solutions improve visibility and protection for your entire wide area network as an attack unfolds.

Advanced protection against next-generation attacks

Elit-Technologies gives you the tools to perform a retrospective analysis of network intrusions and hidden programs. Set up your system to adapt automatically to emerging threats. Strengthen your protection before an attack, react efficiently and effectively once the system has been infiltrated, and quickly repair any damage.

Defend yourself against these types of attacks with proven and effective protection against next-generation threats.

Why opt for an advanced threat protection solution ?

Take a 360° approach

Many organizations are still using an outdated approach to cybersecurity. We recommend a multilayered iterative approach.

Reduce the number of malware attacks

Reduce the number of actions and files that violate your security policies with functionalities like application and file control. Block known malware. Get real-time protection.

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Why choose Elit-Technologies ?

Smart security that adapts to your needs

The security technologies deployed by Elit-Technologies are the result of over a decade of innovation. We detect and block threats that get past other providers’ solutions. We’re backed by the biggest names in the industry.

A three-stage approach to stopping next-generation threats

Our top priority is prevention. We then intervene when necessary, and finally, we focus on protection before, during and after a cyberattack.

Human expertise and machine intelligence

To detect the undetectable, good technology isn’t enough — you also have to think like a hacker. We understand our adversaries, and we run analyses 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to confirm whether any incidents have occurred.

Stand tough against even the most sophisticated attacks. Call on Elit-Technologies.


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