Email protection

Protect your network from spam, ransomware, viruses and phishing attacks.

High-level protection for incoming and outgoing emails

Over 100 billion business emails are sent every day worldwide, and your communications are cyberattackers’ favorite targets. With email security solutions from Elit-Technologies, you’re protected against :

  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Cryptoworms
  • Spam
  • Viruses
  • …and all advanced attacks

Neutralize cyberattacks and protect your confidential data from leaks — simply and easily. Reduce your false positives and block more than 99.999% of threats. Make your business more agile and rely on the best cyberthreat databases in the world. Host your solution on-premises, in Elit-Technologies’ secure cloud, or on a hybrid model. Choose the deployment option that works best for the issues you face.

Take control of your email security

Our rule-based email protection systems let administrators manage all of their protection solutions from a dedicated web portal that’s designed for ease of use.

  • Easily manage all aspects of your solution with advanced user controls.
  • Defend yourself against spam and other types of threats.
  • Personalize user services easily.
  • Protect your confidential data from leaks.
  • Generate a complete range of analytics with dashboards and reports
  • Define encryption rules for outgoing data. Recall sensitive emails sent to the wrong recipient.

All of your domains are protected with rules adapted to fit your needs. Reduce response times and investigations thanks to real-time information. Maintain similar policies on-premise and in the cloud.

Why choose Elit-Technologies ?

A commitment to quality service

Our SLAs are among the best on the market.

Solid solutions

Elit-Technologies delivers solutions built by industry leaders like Cisco, Palo Alto and Check Point.

Personalized support

Our experts work with you to define the best solution for your needs, and are there to assist you from start to finish.


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