Hybrid networking and security

Hybrid networking and security solution that adapts to the dynamic needs of the hybrid enterprise while laying down on SD-WAN
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Optimized network and security architecture that works with your existing system

The world is evolving quickly — and business practices and the threats companies face are evolving too. Choose network and security solutions that let you protect your investments.

  • Ensure the confidentiality, integrity and validity of your data
  • Security for your communications systems
  • Continuity and quality of service
  • Access control

Stay connected – stay flexible

How can businesses guarantee high quality of service and availability in our hyperconnected age ?

Réseaux & Sécurité en mode hybride

Opt for a secure, reliable and scalable network

Our solutions are designed to evolve with your needs over time.

The tools your teams need for new ways of working

New ways of working with applications, mobility, IoT… Guarantee high quality of service for critical applications without sending your costs through the roof.

The Elit-Technologies answer is a network infrastructure that combines high quality of service with low operating costs.

Increased security for better results

How can businesses guarantee high quality of service and availability in our hyperconnected age ?

Protect your entire business from end to end with efficient and proactive solutions

We help you to create and maintain a solid foundation for your security, with interconnected solutions that span the whole organization.

Take down every threat

From end-user devices to the cloud and your data center, the solutions deployed by Elit-Technologies limit risk and reduce complexity, giving you the peace of mind you need to focus on developing your business.

Réseaux & Sécurité en mode hybride

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Why choose Elit-Technologies ?


Protect your investments

Keep your investment and operating costs under control. Our solutions are interoperable with most existing solutions on the market.

A wealth of expertise

Elit-Technologies engineers have earned high levels of certification, allowing us to handle all aspects of hybrid network and security solutions.

Quick and responsive support

Work with a team that understands your issues and takes a proactive approach to managing your assets and supporting your solutions.


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