Mid-sized collaborative spaces

HD videoconferencing and visual collaboration for mid-sized rooms.

A flexible collaboration solution that adapts to your needs

Looking for a smarter work environment that increases productivity and guarantees employee and customer satisfaction ?

Elit-Technologies provides high-definition video collaboration solutions and collaborative tools for organizations of any size. Enjoy simple, professional digital solutions based on Cisco, Polycom and Vidyo technologies.

Get the best collaborative tools with no unnecessary complications. We work with you to determine which type of deployment is best for you: on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid model.

Enter the digital age

Transform your work environment

Work quickly, easily and securely. Transform any mid-sized meeting room into a team collaboration space. When your teams can see each other and share information in real time, collaboration flows naturally. Meetings become more productive whenever and wherever they take place.

Minimize costs

Your mid-sized collaborative space quickly pays for itself, allowing you to limit your employees’ travel and offer better quality of life. Accelerate your decision-making process with ultra-realistic face-to-face interactions.

Increase employee engagement

Today’s employees want to communicate and collaborate everywhere with the same tools they’re accustomed to using in their everyday lives. Meet those expectations with systems that offer realistic collaborative interactions and let employees stay connected all the time, however they prefer. It’s a great way to increase your employees’ satisfaction with their work.

Choose the ideal system for your business

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Why choose Elit-Technologies ?

The architects of your collaborative solution

By working with us, you’ll get a customized solution with a cost-effective design, successful deployment, and support from an expert widely recognized in its ecosystem. We make every effort to simplify your life, thanks to a team of engineers that’s among the most experienced in the industry and accredited by all the leading manufacturers in the field.

Extensive experience

Elit-Technologies and its partners offer solid experience in designing and deploying videoconferencing and collaboration solutions.

Deploy your enterprise solution quickly

Elit-Technologies offers multiple deployment options: on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid model. Our solutions can be deployed instantly.

Collaboration solutions are evolving quickly. Don’t wait any longer to experience them for yourself. Contact Elit-Technologies today.


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