Endpoint security

Protect your employees against all types of threats — at the office, on the go, or working from home. Proactively respond to all gestating attacks.

Secure all your devices and block malicious code in real time

Protect your data un the long run

Elit-Technologies provides complete protection for businesses of all sizes against even the most sophisticated threats. Our systems block, quarantine, and eliminate malware. Much more than an antivirus tool, the endpoint security solution we offer to our clients provides intelligent, proactive protection for the long term. Elit-Technologies bridges the gap between IT and security teams to address advanced threats.

Stand tough against any threat

Get multi-layered security and protect yourself from “zero-day” threats on all your devices. Eliminate all types of malicious code at their point of entry. Quickly detect, quarantine and eliminate advanced threats. Defend the endpoint with a multi-level defense that includes behavioral, signature-based engines and intelligence-based indicators of compromise.


Elit-Technologies’ endpoint security solution secures devices running on Windows, Mac OS, Android and Linux.

Simple control over your endpoint security solution

Increased visibility

Not every attack can be detected. However, our solution provides excellent visibility on file and program activity to detect intrusions, evaluate their scope, and eliminate them instantly.

Non-stop protection

Our partners provide continuous information on cyberthreats. Advanced sandboxing functionalities allow for automatic comparison, both static and dynamic, so you can detect even the most elusive threats. Your devices are better protected than ever before!

Recording and analysis of all activity

Our solution observes, analyzes and records the activity of every file stored or used on your devices. If it detects any suspicious behavior, the affected file is quarantined.

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Why choose Elit-Technologies ?

Smart security that adapts to your needs

The security technologies deployed by Elit-Technologies are the result of decades of innovation. We detect and block threats that get past other providers’ solutions. We’re backed by the biggest names in the industry.

Protection before, during and after an attack

Elit-Technologies endpoint security solutions span the full attack continuum — and beyond. Elit-Technologies offers the most complete threat database on the market.

Human expertise and machine intelligence

To detect the undetectable, good technology isn’t enough — you also have to think like a hacker. We understand our adversaries, and we run analyses 24/7 to confirm whether any incidents have occurred.

Ready to stand tough against even the most sophisticated attacks? Call on Elit-Technologies.


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