Infrastructure protection

Detect irregularities and react quickly to signs that your infrastructure has been compromised.

Effective protection for your infrastructure ?

Today’s businesses are increasingly exposed to all types of attacks, and face increasingly sophisticated attacks from cybercriminals who seek to compromise the integrity of your data, stop your production, or worse.

Solutions from Elit-Technologies provide effective protection of your infrastructures when it matters most.

  • They detect intrusions and protect your business.
  • They secure your assets against DDoS (distributed denial of service), botnet and P2P attacks.
  • They preserve the integrity of the network layer.

A security flaw can expose any business to heavy financial losses and impact your company’s image. Improve security without causing a negative impact on costs.

Get total control of your infrastructure protection solution

The most frequent attacks target DNS servers, and can knock out your entire infrastructure. Other types of attacks aimed at paralyzing companies’ communications hit their IP telephony, videoconferencing or email systems.

We offer high-performance services to detect and prevent system intrusions and DDoS attacks. Our solutions give you total control with features like :

  • Fast, proactive and automatic detection.
  • A clear and concise attack reporting system.
  • Network activity reports.

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Open ecosystems

Our solutions integrate seamlessly with your existing ecosystem.

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