What are your needs in Unified Communications and ToIP ?

Elit-Technologies works with you from start to finish to meet your unified communications needs. From strategic planning to deployment on-premises, in the cloud or on a hybrid model.


ToIP : Téléphonie d’entreprise - besoins en Communication Unifiée

ToIP : Enterprise telephony

Effective internal and external communication is essential to your business, no matter what its size.

With IP telephony from Elit-Technologies, you get a centralized solution that’s compatible with most equipment on the market and includes an attendant console.

Instant messaging

Make it easy for employees to interact and help them stay productive on all their devices, wherever they go

Elit-Technologies offers a Unified Communications solution that makes it easy for your employees to exchange information. Manage presence information, chat, voice, video and more.

Messagerie instantanée - besoins en Communication Unifiée
Messagerie unifiée - besoins en Communication Unifiée

Unified messaging

Send, receive and process messages easily

In an increasingly mobile world, your employees need quick access to their messages without wasting time. Elit-Technologies offers a unified messaging platform that brings your voice mails, emails, and text messages all together in one place.


Increase your employees’ efficiency and let them work from anywher

Set your employees free with simple connectivity features and secure collaborative tools that they can access on the go. As the number of mobile devices on business networks continues to grow, employees can take their work beyond the confines of the office – flexibly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

Mobilité - besoins en Communication Unifiée
Vidéoconférence - besoins en Communication Unifiée


Collaborate anywhere without compromising on quality

Collaborative methods are being completely transformed by the incredible potential of HD videoconferencing. Together, we’re guiding the emergence of teams that can connect, share and collaborate all around the world. Enjoy access to efficient digital workspaces through secure connections.


Today’s teams use modern tools for more effective meetings

Business communication has evolved — and today’s businesses don’t want to rely on calls and emails alone. They need to be able to communicate through integrated solutions that let them organize virtual face-to-face meetings whether they’re at the office or on the go.

Web conférence - besoins en Communication Unifiée
Centre de contact - besoins en Communication Unifiée

Contact center

A unified solution for a simple, personal and sustainable customer experience

In an age of instant gratification, your customers have increasingly demanding expectations of the customer relationship. With contact center solutions from Elit-Technologies, you can meet those expectations with first-rate service to keep your customers satisfied. Offer your customers exactly the right communication tools every time they contact you.


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